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About Us

“Proudly Pinoy”, as the name suggests It is really proud being a Filipino. Filipinos are now recognized worldwide because of their talent and skills in the English language. They are well-known freelancers who own intellectual properties and despite lack of considerable opportunities in the region, they are holding their flag high.

Latest work, proudly made in Phillipines

  • MissionaryBoys.orgMissionary Boys – this is the fantasy world of The Order – gay homosexual cult that is recruiting Mormon missionary boys for their own sexual agenda. This is the battle of two generations – old, pervert men and naive, innocent boys. All that to bring them to the dark side. If you are a fan of such scenarios you will enjoy this content. Proudly made and promoted by many Philippines LGBT socities. Project strictly for adults only.
  • ModelTimeModel Time – a new place for models, where their fantasies and technical skills of creating engaging videos are mixed together. Are you ready to see models’ interpretation of creating a quality video in the adults-only niche?

Why Hire A Filipino Freelancer?


As compared to full-time jobs freelancing provides them to work as their own bosses and they can handle multiple projects as per their convenience.

Fluency In English

The country is regarded as one of the best “English speaking countries” in Asia and the Filipinos are really a good choice to hire if it comes to “Content Writing”.

Sound Earning

Though freelancers from the Philippines earn less than those based in the US or Western Europe, yet they are earning a lot because their compensations.

Increasing Demand

Another reason to hire freelancers from the Philippines is that the region is witnessing the rapid growth of startups which need the talented workforce.


 The Philippine’s Location, Ethnicity, And Demography

The Republic of the Philippines is an archipelago consisting of 7641 islands divided into three major island groups namely Mindanao, Luzon, and Visayas.

 Local Culture And Language

There are more than 175 languages spoken in the Philippines classified as Malayo-Polynesian languages.

 Online World Of Filipinos

People of the Philippines love to explore the internet and meet people from the rest of the world online and share their culture and traditions with them.

Latest News

Is Filipino Culture The Most Compatible With Freelancer Careers?

It’s no surprise then that more than a million locals have taken up freelancing careers. According to the statistics, the young adults are more invested in this field with females dominating the industry.

Cultural Diversity In Philippines

The Philippines is known as the land of cultural diversity. With over 110 indigenous communities and 170 ethnolinguistic groups, the cultural diversity of Philippines seems to be growing.

10 Filipinos Who Make You Proud To Be A Pinoy

Alejandro “Alex” Salvador Pagulayan He is a professional pool player of Filipino-Canadian origin and also titles as “The Lion” and “The Killer alexPixie”. He has made the Philippines proud by winning 2004 World Pool Championship and

Philippines Ranks Number One In Terms Of Time Spent On Social Media

The report says that a growth of 25% internet users in the last two years and the major contributor to this growth is the rising numbers of smartphones which constitutes 38% of the total web traffic

Filipino Property Owners Can Get Special Logos From Proudly Pinoy

Filipinos term them as “Proud Pinoys” because they deserve to get global recognition. Pinoy is a term which is coined from “Pino” taking from the word “Filipino” and adding a suffix “Y” to it.


Footsie Babes is our 2022 selection for the best fetish videos website. Watch the most beautiful European women in the industry showcasing their well-cared feet, soles and toes. And they are doing hell of a job in seducing men just with that.

Bratty MILF Official Website

Bratty MILF is our #1 2021 project. It features bratty and frustrated moms on their spoiled journey for young men. They are experienced, they are at their peaks and they won’t waste any other minute waiting for the prince charming. It’s time to act.

Twink Top is something really popular in Philippines. Why? Because it’s about time usual  twinks become real alpha males and show how things are done. All you need is some imagination… and a partner who’s willing to be the unusual bottom.

Family Sinners

Family Sinners is the place to explore your deep fantasies about step family fun. The only kind of fun that step siblings could come up with… Or their step parents. Watch this story driven taboo content and see why it’s so damn alluring.

Rods Room of RodsGay.com

Rods Room is our #1 recommendation for 2023. The year couldn’t have started better way, believe us when we say that. Set in gay niche and under eye of Michael Vegas this brand features only the hottest male actors featured in beautiful intimate captures.

Haze Her

Haze Her presents the finest footage of hazing rituals done on females… by other females. Watch those freshmen year newbies taking first step in dorms. And this won’t be… easy.


DFXtra is Dogfart’s new home and you should take a look ASAP, because there is not only the database of established series those guys built during last 15+ years, but something…. xtra as well!

Sean Cody - Gay Series

Sean Cody has been collecting the finest gay talents on American soil since 2001. Watch the biggest database of real American guys having good old gay fun.

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