"Proudly Pinoy" Logo Design Competition
The Judging

We can't say it often enough: The standard of the entries was very high, and the range of creativity breath-taking. We were awed by the way the entrants made unique usage of motifs expressing Filipino identity, such as alibata, the personages of national heroes, and the jeepney. One recurring theme we did not anticipate is mice and cursors, which could be considered a risky motif as the shape and style of these objects symbolizing the web might change as technology evolves. Here are comments from the judges, comprised of representatives from Ah Yer! Philippines and PhilWebServices, two proudly Pinoy companies whose generous sponsorship made the competition possible. In judging the logos, the judges considered public popularity, received comments, design, artistic merit, theme and motif, and the functionality of the logos on a broad range of websites, from business to personal. Here is the result.


    64. XYJ
Judges' Comments: This logo has it all. It is perfectly balanced, has excellent visual impact, yet remains elegant and graceful. The Filipino identity is immediately obvious. The message is fairly clear - one gets a sense of warmth and caring, and love, which, unlike in other nations, are attributes that are considered more important in the Philippines than any other character trait. Hence the logo superbly expresses what makes us proud to be Filipinos.

Runners Up (in order submitted):

173. DBX 192. NORDENX 221. SEAV 253. NFE

Judges' Comments: What amazing variety! Witness the broad range of creative talent represented by these logos. These are all very, very good, and each would have served well as the Proudly Pinoy logo. We tested all of these logos in different sizes and on various websites to determine their performance. If this had been a poster competition, the entry by SEAV would have won hands down. The entry by DBX was delicious in terms of graphic balance, but the use of the mouse a handicap; moreover, the mouse has two buttons whereas mice on Macs have only one button, which might be a minor cause of irritation for Filipino Mac users. Similarly, MEL and NFE's logos were strong, but we felt the logo should be gender-neutral to appeal to both Pinoys and Pinays. MUNKY, who also submitted two other strong contenders, made a logo that is, in terms of color balance, the best of the bunch, but had the drawback of extending the immediate surrounding space far into 3D, whereas most websites are designed on a 2D level. The entry by VGRAFIKS probably transfers the quality of the sound of the spoken word "Pinoy" into text better than any other entry.

Honorable Mention:

Several designers and graphic artists stood out in their ability to consistently deliver work of outstanding quality and range. These are, in alphabetical order, MARK DAN, RONGEN, and STRATEGICVIZUAL.

Most Creative:

    81. MELISSAP
Best Balanced:
    291. HENDREI
Most Artistic:
    239. GRACE
People's Favorites:


Final Comments: There were too many entries to mention individually, although many, many of them deserve a lengthy paragraph of praise. But remember - whether your entry was mentioned on this page or not, you are still a winner because we are all winners. The www.ProudlyPinoy.org would never have succeeded without your entry and the entries from many others. You helped create this project, and you deserve to take credit for it. More Power to all Pinoy artists and designers who participated in the competition, and more power to the country. We're Proudly Pinoy!

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